教师节的由来英文 教师节的由来英语作文3篇 【教师节】



  教师节的由来英文 教师节的由来英语作文1

  teacherhave been dubbed "gardener", "engineerof human souls" and irespected bthe whole societaa career. back in ma1931, educatorwhile cool autumn and range coverage and otherhad proposed the establishment of teacher'day, issued the "teacher'dadeclaration," the petition for approval of the central government, and on june 6, 1931 in nanjing central universitheld itfirst ceremonto celebrate teacher'day. but thitime, the ministrof education hanot approved the school calendar included in the school holidays. despite this, but manschool teacherare automaticallheld in commemoration of june 6.

教师节的由来英文 教师节的由来英语作文3篇 【教师节】

  教师被人们称为“园丁”、“人类灵魂的工程师”,是受到全社会尊重的一种职业。早在1931年5月,教育家邰爽秋、程其保 等人就曾建议设立教师节,发表了《教师节宣言》,呈请当时的中央政府批准,并于1931年6月6日在南京中央大学举行了第一次庆贺教师节的仪式。但当时的教育部没有批准把这个节日列入学校校历。尽管这样,后来许多学校的教师仍于6月6日自动举行纪念活动。

  1939, the year the ministrof education to the august 27 anniversarof the birth of confuciuateacher'day, and promulgated the "interim measureto mark teacher'day," but hanot yet started.


  after the founding of new china, in 1951 bthe ministrof national education and the union agreed that the abolition of the june 6 of the teacher'day, teacher'daand will be changed with the "ma1" international labor dacommemoration together without teacherfeatureimplemented versatisfactorresults, but teacherwill trace the marketing claims.

  新中国成立后, 1951年经教育部和全国教育工会商定,废除了6月6日的教师节,而将教师节改在同“五一”国际劳动节一起纪念因无教师特点,实行效果很不理想,后来教师节便销声言迹了。

  januar21, 1985, the ninth meeting of the sixth npc standing committee decided that each year on september 10 ateacher'day. teacher'dascheduled for september 10, to consider the new school year, anew weather, the teacherhave new feeling.

  1985年1月21日,第六届全国人大常委会第九次会议决定,每年9月10日为教师节。定教师节为 9月10日,是考虑到新学年开始,学校要有新的气象,师生要有新的感觉。

  iraq began full admission of respecting teachers, teachercan teach and studentcan learn to create a good atmosphere. meanwhile, a national holidain september lesconvenient time to focuon all aspectof organizational activitieand highlight reports, attaching importance to the promotion of the country, respect for knowledge and talent of the good societaa whole.



  1. we wish to show our gratitude and thankwith a small gift. happteacher'day!


  2. you are like a third parent. we all love you and respect you.


  3. the primarpurpose of education inot to teach you to earn your bread, but to make evermouthful sweet.


  4. we all like having you aour teacher. you have our respect and gratefulness.


  5. thiiteachers' daand a time to be grateful to all teachers. thiprofession deservethe special recognition and respect. there ino more appropriate time than thito honour you and otherin your chosen field. you have meternal gratefulness. have a happteachers' day.


  6. we are more thankful than we can express.


  7. education inot the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.


  8. the man who can make hard thingeasithe educator.


  9. send you our everlasting feeling of gratefulnesand thankfulneson thispecial day.


  10. a teacher affecteternity; he can never tell where hiinfluence stops.


  11. it ithe most appropriate time to show you our thanks.


  12. thismall gift ionla tintoken of our gratefulness. we all want to thank you


  13. i am trulgrateful to you for what you have done.


  14. dear teacher, thank you for illuminating mvoyage of life with your own light of life. mgrateful sentimentcome from the bottom of mheart.


  15. the whole secret of the teacher'force liein the conviction that men are convertible.


  16. no one deservea bigger thank you than you. one daihardlenough to show our gratitude.


  17. thank you for making learning not a dull thing but a great joy.


  18. we all pitched to buthigift. we are all grateful to you. without your unselfish dedication could we achieve no succestoday.


  19. our beloved teacher, you are the spring shower that moistenour hearts. the love and care you have given uwill encourage uto go through a long and arduoujourney.


  20. you are not onla good teacher but our close friend. thank you for helping umake something of our lives.


  教师节的由来英文 教师节的由来英语作文2

  Teachers Day, September 10th, is a national teachers festival in China. It is celebrated since 1985. It expresses respects to the labors and contributions of teachers to the Chinese society. The goal of Teachers Day is to form a social climate in which teachers are respected and knowledge is valued. The date of Teachers Day is set at the beginning of the school year in order to arouse teachers and students enthusiasm for their work, and give a good start to teaching and learning. On teachers Day, students usually send greeting cards with good wishes to their teachers to show their respect. In Taiwan, Teachers Day is celebrated on September 28 annually. Choose this day is to celebrate the birth of Confucius for his great contribution to Chinese culture. In some other countries, Teachers Day is also celebrated. In the United States, this is on the first Tuesday in May. In India, Teachers Day is celebrated on September 5.In Vietnam, it is celebrated on November 20


  在教师节的目标是要形成一种社会氛围,尊重教师和知识的重视。在教师节的日期定在学年开始时,为了提高教师和学生对他们的工作积极性,提供一个良好的开端教学和学习。在今年教师节,学生通常发送问候与良好祝愿他们的老师,以表达他们的尊敬卡。在台湾,庆祝教师节是每年9月28日。选择这一天是为了庆祝他的伟大贡献,中华文化的孔子诞生。在其他一些国家,教师节,也是庆祝。在美国,这是5月的第一个星期二。在印度,庆祝教师节是9月5.In越南,这是11月20日庆祝 。

  教师节的由来英文 教师节的由来英语作文3

  The Monday of the week is September 10th, teacher's day, a teacher's holiday, I will never forget that day.

  During morning independent study, students still tidy up homework, not and in a short while, the head teacher came in, a set of new clothes, a face with a smile… Capable and passionate feeling to the person. "Today is teachers' day, the teacher to class are a little courtesy, mouth dessert." The teacher in charge said, while chong Lu Yu wink. Say then begin our class. …… During morning independent study has just ended, BanTou just got out of the door, Lu Yu was rushed to the front of the podium, loudly "task". Because this idea is BanTou lift, so she has lost the chance to listen to surprise in our class. On the next class Chinese, Lu Yu reminded us once again before class. Chinese teacher came into the classroom, wearing a green dress, treat her stand on the podium, Lu Yu stood up, everyone got up from his seat and shouted together "the teacher happy holidays."

  Chinese teacher was startled at first, stare big eyes, scanning the each and every one of us, as if we are in possession of drugs, or inflammable and explosive goods bags and she is the subject. However, after hearing what we called her hands pressed together, even said two thanks to us, then she is curved eyebrows, eyes are bent and even the mouth is curved, flattered by the face is pink. And then accept the surprise of the chemistry teacher, is the first one leng, puzzled look around a circle, after hearing our blessings, right hand on the left hand next to us to a new version of thanks. And physics teacher, probably it is heard that is in the morning, so how much of our blessings are not accidental, but also called us as his younger brother, thank you very much. And the only one not under of the class we bless, is our English teacher, she has been in this day to the three classes in our class. We didn't mean to, just: before class the teacher asked back sentence, check in class, who dares

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