英语作文写作能力的重要性3篇 【作文】


As is known to all, writing is an important and necessary skill for all students. However, many students don’t really understand the true importance of writing。以下是本站小编为大家带来的英语作文写作能力的重要性3篇,希望能帮助到大家!


  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the importance of writing ability and how to develop it。 You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words。

英语作文写作能力的重要性3篇 【作文】



  第一段:描述大家重视写作的现象(此处用王菲老师 “三八大盖”—现象描述功能段。

  第二段:分析重视写作的原因。(此处用王菲老师 “三八大盖”—分析原因功能段。)

  第三段:提高写作的办法。(此处用王菲老师 “三八大盖”—解决问题功能段。)。


  There is no denying the importance of writing。 Without it, it is difficult to pass any examination no matter how much money or success one has。 In order to maintain our English level and pass exams that are as fulfilling as possible, it is important to take some steps。

  Obviously good writing skills are important when your job involves writing, be it as a journalist, paralegal or public relations professional – that goes without saying。 If you are employed for your writing skills, having “good” writing skills is a job requirement。 However, more professions require good writing skills than those traditionally associated with writing。 Any time a profession requires written communication, writing skills become important。 Whether you are messaging a colleague, writing to your manager, or crafting the company newsletter, your writing skills can boost or hinder your career easily, even if you do not have a “writing” profession。 Basically, writing skills make a difference in how you come across。

  Based on what I have discussed above, it is not difficult to identify the vital importance of writing, and there are a number of things that we can do to develop our writing ability。 The essential thing, however, is to find one way that fits you most and consist on it。




  了解文章:写作的重要性 The Importance of Writing

  As is known to all, writing is an important andnecessary skill for all students. However, many students don’t reallyunderstand the true importance of writing, as they just consider writing as atask of exam. As far as I am concerned, writing has deeper importance in manyways.


  Firstly, improving our ability of using words is abasic function of writing. For example, in order to write a good Englishcomposition, we must use every word carefully as much as possible to ensure itscorrectness. In the process, we have improved our ability of using words andwriting skills imperceptibly. In this aspect, writing is a good way tostrengthen our ability.


  Moreover, writing is an effective way to enlarge ourvocabulary. Different compositions we write need different vocabularies.Therefore, the more compositions we write, the more vocabularies we get. At thesame time, it is helpful to enlarge our reading.


  And last but not the least, writing makes greatcontribution to our logical thinking and analysis ability. For one thing, towrite a good composition, we must collect and arrange writing materialssystematically so that we can show off what is essential and what is not soimportant. In the process of dealing with materials, we are also learning toanalyze and deal with the different problems. For another, it is also a processto practice our own thinking ability and form different thoughts. By dealing withall kinds of compositions, we can get in touch with more thoughts and becomewiser.


  In a word, writing is an important skill, especiallyfor language learners. Thus, we should improve our writing ability as much aspossible to improve our overall levels.



  Writing is a skill tested in all major standardized educational tests, including CET-4/6, TOEFL, IELTS, and so on. But there has been no shortage of reports from different sources that a large proportion of students, especially college students, have ill-performed writing skills, earning relatively low scores in tests as well as on school assignments.

  In my opinion, writing is a crucial skill for students. It is a reliable way by which one impart knowledge, suggest plans, fight for one’s idea, refute a theory, and many other purposes. So if you are good at writing, then you are able to fulfill the tasks above mentioned more effectively. Besides, noted writes, be they novelists, poets or editors-in-chief enlighten every generation of readers with new experiences. That’s why readers today still discuss on and share their opinions on great books such as A Dream in Red Mansions.

  In a nutshell, few skills are more important than writing in the current society. So my suggest would be that every one, college students particular, takes time to hone writing skills, get more practice in it, so that we can live up to the social expectation of becoming socialist successors.

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