防范疫情的高中英语作文大全 【作文】





防范疫情的高中英语作文大全 【作文】

  SARS in 2008 must have been known to all, a terrible plague, for which many fresh lives have left this beautiful world. Novel coronavirus has been introduced this year, and the Chinese people are facing a huge crisis. I hope it will be eliminated as soon as possible. Let the haze over the land of China disperse as soon as possible, let the spring breeze blow all over the land, and people return to a better life.


  At the beginning of the epidemic, it was seen from the TV news network that there were several cases of virus infected people in Wuhan. I didn't care much. I thought that Wuhan was so far away from us, and the virus couldn't live, so we lived and went to school as usual, and everything was calm.


  But I was wrong. It began to rage, from the original cases to dozens, hundreds and thousands. Many people in Wuhan returned to their hometown because of the reunion in the new year. The virus began to spread, and other places began to appear. The situation was very urgent. We began to feel very anxious. We kept reading the news and brushing wechat everyday. We didn't know what it was OK. Soon, the number of people infected with the virus has changed from the first few to more than 14000, and there are 20000 suspected cases. What a huge and amazing number! What a terror! www.zuowenla.cn


  China tiktok, regardless of personal danger, was a great force in China. During the Spring Festival, we saw many doctors and nurses in the Spring Festival. In order not to worry about their families, they rushed to the forefront of fighting against viruses on the basis of business travel. Many countries also helped to hand over masks and biochemical clothes to China. Especially Pakistan donated three hundred thousand masks and eight hundred biochemical suits to China. Next, go retrograde!


  On the Internet, there are so many touching anti-virus stories that often make my eyes full of tears. One report said that there were many nurses and sisters who cut their beloved long hair in order to take better care of the patients. There are many photos, after the medical staff took off the protective mask, the face was left with deep traces, a doctor's aunt had congestion on the bridge of the nose, which is really distressing! Another doctor, carrying his family to the forefront of the fight against the new coronavirus, wrote firmly and bravely: "no pay! Life or death! " The heroic words, clank, people respect!


  In recent days, my family and I have been staying at home, not going out, not running around, not adding chaos to our mother country, because not adding chaos is the biggest help to control the epidemic, so I stay at home. Although bored to grow grass, but we think of those medical staff in the front line of the Anti Japanese War, we will feel how happy we are. I sincerely hope the epidemic will pass soon. Although the vaccine has not yet been developed, the country has published a variety of protective methods, and doctors have begun to isolate the virus and enter the vaccine research stage, hoping that they can succeed as soon as possible to help people infected with the disease and eliminate the epidemic as soon as possible.


  This epidemic situation, the whole country, United, I firmly believe that as long as Wuhan refueling! Go China! We are sure to win in the end!



  At the end of 2019, a kind of pneumonia caused by unknown causes suddenly broke out in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, and gradually spread to the whole province, the whole country and even abroad. Soon, scientists proved novel coronavirus infection caused by pneumonia, because it is highly contagious, and the number of infected people is increasing. The situation is very serious.


  A war without gunpowder has started in China, and Wuhan has become the most serious epidemic area. The number of people infected in Wuhan accounts for nearly 40% of the total number of people infected in China. Wuhan is in a hurry! At this most critical moment, many medical workers across the country came forward to support Wuhan at the first time. There is the most dangerous place, but they go against the trend regardless of their own life safety. They take the life safety and health of the people as the first priority, and their greatest commitment and responsibility is to save the dead and help the wounded. They are soldiers in white, warriors fighting against the virus, the great wall of steel to protect our health, and the most lovely people in the world!


  Thanks to the aunts and uncles fighting in the front line, because of your fearlessness and hard work, we have peace and health. I hope you can come back safely as soon as possible. We are waiting for you here!


  Come on, Wuhan! Come on, China!



  On New Year's Eve, when the Chinese people are reunited for the new year, doctors, armed police and other most beautiful "contrarians" take the train to Wuhan at the end of the year and the beginning of the spring. The new year's Eve should have been a day for family reunion. They went retrograde just to say "Wuhan needs you" and gave up their time of reunion with their families. It is these "reversers" that add warmth to the Spring Festival and move everyone.


  At the age of 84, academician Zhong Nanshan was ordered to go to the forefront of epidemic prevention regardless of his old age. In the news picture, Zhong Lao sat on the train to Wuhan and fell asleep with his seat exhausted. He told the general public not to go to Wuhan recently, but he still stepped on the train in Wuhan and went to the front line to bear the weight for us. Wu Xiaoyan, a 29-year-old doctor, has booked a ticket to go home. Hearing the hospital's call to support the front line, she immediately refunded the ticket and went back to Wuhan in reverse. There are still a lot of people involved in this war without gunpowder. In order to let everyone have a healthy and secure Spring Festival, they went to the front line regardless of their own safety and gave everyone the confidence to fight against the epidemic.


  In order to win the success of the anti epidemic war, the "rebels" are busy all over the country. When many people are on their way home, Wuhan field staff consciously withdrew their tickets and gave up the chance to reunite with their families for the new year, just to prevent the spread of the epidemic. At the nodes where people are far away from public places, railway staff go in reverse, and at the station to ensure that people's journey home is smooth. They are also the most beautiful "reversers".


  Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the only way to get rid of the new coronavirus pneumonia. We should also do our part in the same way as we do for the "adverse traveler". We must wear masks to go home, wash our hands before going to the house, pay attention to personal hygiene, do not go to crowded public places, do not attend parties, and stay at home. Not going, like the trembling sound, Zhong Nanshan moved us tiktok. To be good at yourself is the biggest support for the "rebel".

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